dinsdag 25 augustus 2015


A truly unique experiment provides gamers voltage and frown. Who the horror online game "The Flock" downloads are, white, that he has probably only very short time fun. Because the game is destroyed after a certain time even! It is not for free anyway.
The countdown is running
The developers have built a countdown in "The Flock". Once counted worldwide 215 358 979 screen death, no new players will be admitted. The game will then disappear from the download platform steam and only the remaining player fight up to the grand finale. This final climax is reached, is "The Flock" final.
Hack clash of clans
► The players take the roles of monsters in the game, the eponymous "flock". The aim of all players is a light artifact. Who conquered that, being chased by all other players. One of the hunters of the beam hit, he dies. Unless he stops in time and is transformed into an immortal stone statue. Voltage is therefore guaranteed.

Even hackers are powerless
How long the game ultimately is, is hard to predict. In the fairly high number, the developers have the average game time, which calculates a number of death and expected sales figures. Who is attempting to hack the game, first warned and then banned. If death were caused by the hacking, the countdown will again be adjusted.
THE idea: "most multiplayer games lose their users within one year. Even large titles such as 'Titanfall' and 'Evolve' lose very quickly' their regulars, the developers write. Instead so bored regrouped players over months, the creators thought out the exciting little trick: "we want to make sure that ' the flock ' with a peak ends, after playing well in memory will be kept."
IMAGE means: an insane as well as ingenious game idea. But whether "The Flock" is also fun, only willing kamikaze players will learn.

Online Football Manager games have been a trend for years. Now, just before the start of the Bundesliga on Friday, hundreds of thousands of fans to their teams, tinkering again to compete with friends and work colleagues.
Hack clash of clans 2015
Who so far not in a fantasy takes part, or is considering, this year even to try, time has a different provider until Friday, to decided - who goes himself late, has usually hardly any chance of victory. The choice of the right Manager game wants to be well-planned, finally spending a full season so.
Most online football managers operate on the same principle: each participant has a team, consisting of avatars of Bundesliga players who earn points depending on the performance of the real kicker. Of course better and thus probably more point end players are more expensive, just like in real life, and the budget is limited.

The game manager with the same initial budget put together their team. In leagues or communities you can then a season long to compare the performance of their teams and more, even less big adjustments.

Learn which could fit three popular online Manager games to you. If you want to tap only game results, you can join also in the mirror ONLINE betting game.